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Reston History

Old Maps From 1888
Lake Elsa
Wyeth Lake

Walks In Or Near Reston

Bright Pond (2.5)
Browns Chapel (2.4)
Butlers Pond (3.6)
Buttermilk Creek (1.3-1.6)
Cameron Pond (2.8-3.0)
Colvin Run Mill (3.0)
Deepwood (2.5)
Deepwood (map only)
Fox Mill Park (1.2)
Fox Mill Park (map only)
Fred Crabtree Park (1.2)
Fred Crabtree Park (map only)
Glade Stream East (2.5-3.3)
Glade Stream West (0.7-3.3)
Golf Course View (2.5)
Great Falls Crossing (3.1)
Herndon High School (2.1-3.0)
Hunters Woods (3.3)
Hunters Woods Pool (1.9)
Lake Anne (1.5)
Lake Anne - Lake Newport (2.9)
Lake Anne School (2.5)
Lake Anne to Town Center (3.8)
Lake Audubon (2.8)
Lake Audubon - Lake Thoreau (2.2)
Lake Fairfax (2.9-3.3)
Lake Fairfax and Vicinity (map only)
Lake Fairfax Park from W&OD Trail (4.0)
Lake Newport (1.0)
Lake Newport Pool (2.0)
Lake Thoreau (2.1-2.3)
Lawyers South (1.3-2.4)
Links Pond (3.0)
Nature Center (2.0)
Newbridge (2.5)
North Point West (2.6)
Parkway to Pipelines (4.1)
Polo Club Village (2.0)
Reston National Golf Course/Newbridge (2.5)
Reston Town Center (2.4)
Runnymede Park (2.5)
Snakeden Branch (1.7-2.8)
Sugarland Road (2.9-3.0)
Sugarland Run Intro Walk (1.8)
Tall Oaks (2.2-3.4)
Town Center (2.4)
Twin Branches - CCT Only (2.0)
Twin Branches (2.5-2.6)
Twin Valleys (2.5)
Walker Nature Center (2.0)

Walks Outside Of Reston

Burke Lake East* (3.3)
Burke Lake Park* (4.5)
Cabin John Regional Park Map
Cabin John Regional Park Walk 1* (1.0)
Cabin John Regional Park Walk 2* (2.9)
Ellanor C Lawrence Park Walk* (2.4)
Giles Run Meadow Trail* (1.9)
Great Falls MD* (4.6)
Great Falls Park VA Map
Great Falls Park Canal Trail* (2.5)
Great Falls Park Difficult Run Trail* (2.4)
Great Falls Park Matildaville Trail* (2.7)
Hooes Road East* (3.0)
Huntley Meadows Park Walk* (1.5)
Huntley Meadows Park Map*
Lake Accotink Park* (3.8)
Lake Mercer* (3.8-4.3)
Lovers Lane DC* (3.5)
Navy Federal Credit Union (Vienna)* (3.2)
Peterson Lane Park (Vienna)* (2.6)
Riverbend Park to Great Falls* (3.8)
Riverbend Park Uplands Trail* (2.9)
Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail (Western Section)* (3.8 round trip)
Rocky Run West Walk 2* (2.6)
Rocky Run West Walk 3* (2.5)
Sugarloaf Mountain* (1.0)
Wheaton Regional Park Map*
Wheaton Regional Park Walk 1* (2.6)
Wheaton Regional Park Walk 2* (3.6)


Cross County Trail (CCT)
(walks below include portions of CCT)
(round trip mileages are shown)

Cross County Trail Guide
Georgetown Pike to Potomac River* (2.4)
Leigh Mill Road to Georgetown Pike* (2.7)
Colvin Run Rd to Leigh Mill Rd* (2.4)
Dulles Toll Road to Colvin Run* (3.4)
Dulles Toll Road to W&OD Trail* (3.8)
W&OD Trail Section (1.6)
Twin Branches Rd. to W&OD Trail (2.0)
Twin Branches Rd. to Little Difficult Run (2.6)
Hunters Valley Rd to Little Difficult Run* (2.0)
Hunters Valley Rd to Rocky Branch* (2.3)
Rocky Branch to Miller Heights Rd* (4.5)
Miller Heights Rd to Jermantown Rd* (2.8 to 3.3)
Oak Marr RECenter to Thaiss Park (Pickett Rd)* (6.4)
Pickett Rd to Prosperity Ave* (3.1)
Prosperity Ave to Camelot Dr* (3.4)
Camelot Dr to Mockingbird Dr* (2.9)
Mockingbird Dr. to Lake Accotink North* (3.8)
Lake Accotink Park* (3.9)
Lake Accotink Park South to Old Keene Mill Rd* (4.6)
Old Keene Mill Rd. to Fairfax Co. Parkway* (4.2)
Hooes Road South* (3.6)
Pohick Road North* (3.0)
Pohick Rd. to Silverbrook Rd* (3.1)
Silverbrook Rd to Lorton Rd (temporary route)* (3.1)
Silverbrook Rd to Lorton Rd (final route)* (2.9)
Occoquan River to Lorton Rd* (3.6)



Burke Centre

The Commons* (2.7)
The Landings* (2.7)
The Oaks* (3.0)
The Ponds* (3.1)
The Woods* (3.6)
Pohick Stream Valley - Burke VRE Trail* (3.0)
Eastern Burke Centre Trail Map
Western Burke Centre Trail Map




Foxstone Park* (2.0)
Navy Federal Credit Union
* (3.2)
Peterson Lane Park* (2.6)
Spy Park (Foxstone Park)* (2.0)






Nature Observation Areas
(Short distance walks)

Brookside Gardens*
Huntley Meadows* (1.5)
Fannie Mae Gardens
Sunrise Valley Park
Walker Nature Center (2.0)

Lake Walks
(Walk around the lake)

Burke Lake* (4.5)
Lake Accotink* (4.0)
Lake Anne (1.5)
Lake Anne School (2.5)
Lake Audubon (2.6-3.2)
Lake Fairfax (2.9-3.3)
Lake Mercer* (3.8-4.3)
Lake Newport (1.0)
Lake Thoreau (2.1-2.3)

Ponds and Streams

Bright Pond (2.5)
Butlers Pond (3.6)
Buttermilk Creek (1.3-1.6)
Cameron Pond (2.8-3.0)
Colvin Run Mill (3.0)
Fox Mill Park (1.2)
Glade Stream East (2.5-3.1)
Glade Stream West (0.7-3.3)
Hunters Woods (3.3)
Lake Fairfax Park (4.0)
Links Pond (3.0)
Runnymede Park (2.4)
Snakeden Branch (1.7-2.8)
Sugarland Road (2.9-3.0)
Sugarland Run Intro Walk (1.8)
Twin Branches (2.5-2.6)

Sugarland Run Stream Valley

Region Map
Herndon High School (2.1-3.0)
Introduction Walk (1.8)
New Herndon Trail (1.0)
Runnymede Park (2.5)
Sugarland Road (2.9-3.0)

Lake Fairfax Park

Lake Fairfax Vicinity Map
Connection from W&OD Trail to Lake Fairfax
Walk to Colvin Run Mill from Lake Fairfax
Walk Around Lake Fairfax

South Run Stream Valley

South Run RECenter*
Burke Lake* (4.5)
Burke Lake East* (3.3)
Hooes Road East* (3.0)
Lake Mercer* (3.8-4.3)
South Run Stream Valley Key Map*

Playgrounds and Play Areas

Burke Lake Park*
Cabin John Regional Park*
Clemyjontri Park*
Playground Contents Page

Polo Club Village Play Areas
Stratton Woods Park
Stuart Road Park

Play Area Contents Page

* indicates located driving distance from Reston
( ) indicates minimum and maximum mileages

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