Burke Centre - Introduction

Burke Centre is a town quite similar to Reston except on a smaller scale. It features over 30 miles of walking trails making it a fun place to explore. The trails are narrower than those found in Reston but are quite suitable for walking. The people are friendly and the homes are beautiful making this a delightful place to walk.

The development was started in 1976 and has a homeowners association known as the Burke Centre Conservancy. There are five neighborhoods within Burke Centre and we have provided one walking route through each neighborhood. All trails and sidewalks are shown in the map coverage area so that you can create your own routes should you wish to explore further.

All walking routes start from shopping centers so that there will be no need for on street parking. Four of the routes start from the Town Center with the fifth route starting from the Burke Centre Shopping Center on the west side of town. Here is a listing of the neighborhood walking routes:

The Ponds

The Woods

The Landings

The Oaks

The Commons

Burke Area Trail Maps

The area trail maps are intended to help you create your own walking route through the region. The maps may take some time to download over voiceband modems.

Eastern Burke Centre region

Western Burke Centre region

Burke Centre Train Station walking map


I hope you enjoy the walking tours as much as we did.

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