Improved stream crossings have been placed on the section of the Fairfax Cross County Trail north of Pohick Road. See the contents page for maps of the entire trail route along with pictures. Click on the above picture to view the Pohick North walk route.

This is the end of a walking tour of Bethesda, MD to view features that might be useful to Reston as part of the Master Planning process. The flavor is Swiss Chocolate. I'll let you guess the vendor. Click on the picture to view the walking tour.

Master Plan Transportation Proposals

The following are PowerPoint presentations that we prepared for review by the Reston Master Plan Task Force. You can download a free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft.

Wiehle Ave subcommittee

Vision subcommittee

Pipelines as open spaces

Getting to know you. Get to know some of the pets in Reston. Click on the above picture.

New To This Area?

One of the biggest problems for people new to the area is finding superior firms such as plumbers or doctors. Consumer Reports helped to start a magazine called Checkbook to assist you with this task. Subscribers rate the firms they do business with so that others can benefit from their experience. Checkbook rates firms just as Consumer Reports rates products. Click below for a link to their websites.

Both sites charge a fee to view information. Free access to the information is often provided at the local libraries.

This is not an advertisement and no funds were exchanged for this recommendation.

Checkbook Magazine
Comsumer Reports


Hunter Mill District
Trail and Sidewalk Status


Users with older versions of Microsoft Word or Excel may not be able to view material written with newer versions of this software. Microsoft publishes viewers to read this material although you will not be able to make changes to them. Click here to download viewers from Microsoft.

I have published some other tips that may be helpful. Click on Technical Contents for a listing.

Technical Contents


Reston Master Plan (Fx Co.)

Reston Master Plan Blog

More Trails Opening at Laurel Hill Park

Workhouse Trail in Laurel Hills Park

The Laurel Hill Equestrian Area shared-use trails officially opened on September 12, 2009. Click here for a map of the trails prepared by the Fairfax County Park Authority. I have not walked on most of these trails.

Lake Accotink Trail Repairs Completed

Lake Accotink

Repairs to the Lake Accotink dam are complete and the trail is open. This turtle near the dam is one of the sights you may see. Click on the picture for the walk information.


Horse riding pictures.

Photo courtesy of Beverly Dickerson

Reston is a high tech town but nearby we have miles of trails catering to horses. This is an opportunity that you may not find elsewhere. If you love to ride horses this is the place for you. Click on the picture to view some of the activities that people who love horses enjoy.


Golden doodle save vacuum cleaners.

This is the face of a breed that can save your vacuum cleaner. Click on the picture for more information.

Lake Thoreau

Lake Thoreau

Lake Anne

Lake Anne

Lake Newport

Lake Newport


Lake Fairfax Park

Lake Fairfax Park

Lake Audubon

Lake Audubon

Click on one of the above pictures to view a trail or for more trails click on contents.

Trails by Lakes and Ponds

Wooded Trails

Trails by Distance

Burke Centre Trails





Old Maps

Old Maps (1888 forward)

New to Site

New To Site

Missing trails in Reston? Click here.

Missing trails? Click here.

Before the Beltway

Before The Beltway




Reston Paths


Lake Audubon in Reston

This is the second of 2 walks on this site involving the new trail along Lake Audubon. The final leg of a trail at the base of the Lake Thoreau dam has been completed. This walk will take you along a good section of the shore line with lots of views of Lake Audubon and a view of Lake Thoreau. The picture shows Lake Audubon in October. Click on the picture to view the walk map and pictures of the route.

Ribbon cutting to celebrate opening of the Pohick Stream Valley - Burke VRE Trail on June 2, 2012.

Pohick Stream Valley - Burke VRE Trail Opens

The opening of the Pohick Stream Valley - Burke VRE Trail was celebrated at the above ribbon cutting on June 2, 2012. This trail provides connectivity for much of northern Burke Centre with access to the VRE Station and a farmers market on the western end and connections to shopping centers along Burke Lake Road on the eastern end. More than that, it provides a pleasant walk though the woods and along the meadow next to the CSX tracks in Burke. The entire trail is paved but there is one fairweather crossing that may be difficult for some hikers. Click here to view a video showing one walker on the crossing. Click on the above picture to view a map and information about the walk.

Hunters Valley Trails

John Burgess has created a series of Google Maps with some of the undocumented trails in the Hunters Valley area. Click here to see them.