This walk will take you through the planned high density portion of Reston. The first part of the walk travels through the Fairfax County Governmental Center and passes a day care center, assisted care facility, emergency rooms, and other public health services. It then passes the homes of people that wish to live near a town center and be able to walk to work and shopping. It joins the Washington and Old Dominion Trail to return to the retail part of the town.

  1. The walk starts at the intersection of New Dominion Parkway and Fountain Drive. Parking is available adjacent to this intersection in a parking garage and a parking lot. After crossing New Dominion Parkway walk north on Fountain Drive on the sidewalk along the west side of the street.
  2. The sidewalk is on a hill and there is a good view to the west. A condo is under construction in the vacant lot between the street and the library so the view is only temporary.
  3. After crossing Bowman Towne Drive turn left and take the sidewalk heading west along that street.
  4. About halfway down the block turn right onto the intersecting wide asphalt trail.
  5. The trail goes along the edge of Reston Town Green Park.
  6. The trail comes to an access road and parking area. Cross the access road to the sidewalk in front of the North County Human Services Building.
  7. After reaching the end of the concrete sidewalk turn right to follow the wide asphalt path through the trees.
  8. Cross Town Center Parkway at the intersection with Baron Cameron Avenue and turn left to follow the sidewalk along that road. Edgewater Pond will be on your right.
  9. A good view of Edgewater Pond can be had near the intersection with Edgewater Pond Road. Continue straight along Town Center Parkway after crossing Edgewater Pond Road.
  10. After crossing the next street (Town Center Drive) Reston Hospital Center will be on your right. Continue one more block along Town Center Parkway.
  11. Cross New Dominion Parkway and turn right to follow the sidewalk along that road.
  12. After one block cross Crescent Park Drive and turn left to follow the sidewalk along that road.
  13. Turn right onto the wide asphalt trail leading into the trees. A sign indicates this is a pet walk area. At the intersection with a narrow asphalt trail to a street keep to the right on the wide asphalt path through the trees.
  14. At the next intersecting wide asphalt trail turn left to walk around the pond. The pond should be on your right.
  15. The trail follows the edge of the pond with houses on the left. Do not take the narrow asphalt trail between the houses.
  16. After passing the houses turn left at the next intersecting wide asphalt trail. This will take you towards some trees next to the W&OD bicycle trail.
  17. After intersecting with a connecting trail from the W&OD bicycle trail turn sharply left to join that trail.
  18. The trail connects with the W&OD trail. Although the pictures show the paved bicycle trail there is less traffic on the horse trail that parallels the bicycle trail. Continue along the W&OD trail going east.
  19. Some of the many Reston office buildings come into view from this point. Many of these buildings were completed in 2004.
  20. The trail crosses Town Center Parkway on a bridge.
  21. After crossing the bridge take the first asphalt side trail to the left.
  22. The trail goes up a hill through the trees.
  23. Turn left onto the short asphalt side trail and cross Bluemont Way. Take the sidewalk on the west side of Discovery Street.
  24. After passing Democracy Drive there is an outdoor arena between the buildings. In cooler weather this serves as an ice skating rink. There is a drinking fountain and public restrooms in the skate shop to the west of the rink. The Hyatt Hotel is on the right and there are many retail stores and restaurants in this area.
  25. The intersection with Market Street is known as Fountain Square. Walk up the steps around the fountain and between the buildings on the north side of the fountain. After crossing Freedom Drive you will be back at the parking areas for this walk.

Pictorial Directions

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