The walk starts from the parking lot for Laurel Hill Park. The entrance is on Lorton Road west of Silverbrook Road.

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This trail is probably best for hiker/joggers and mountain bikers. Most of it is natural surface and shaded. There is one stream crossing on rocks making it unsuitable for small children or some seniors. The crossing will come early in the walk making it easy to turn back if the crossing appears difficult.

  1. The walk starts from the edge of the parking area on the asphalt trail leading down to a play area. Walk down to the end of the asphalt trail and continue until the opening in the fence to the left of the play equipment.
  2. Turn left into the opening and walk around the outside of the Frisbee golf course.
  3. The trail passes a small pond.
  4. After the pond stay on the trail to the right as it enters the woods.
  5. The trail switches back and goes down a hill next to a fence on the right. Looking down and to the left you can see Lorton Road when there are no leaves on the trees.
  6. The trail switches back and continues down the hill to Giles Run.
  7. The trail crosses Giles Run on rocks. After crossing the stream the trail goes to the right.
  8. The trail climbs a hill. Lorton Road can also be seen from this point.
  9. When the leaves are off the trees you can see the parking area at the start of the walk from this point.
  10. Keep to the right at the marked trail intersection. The trail to the left will go to Central Green but is blocked just short of that trail as of March 2008.
  11. The trail crosses a small stream on a bridge.
  12. The Giles Run bridge carrying the Cross County Trail can be seen from this point.
  13. Turn right at the intersection with the Cross County Trail and follow that trail down the hill.
  14. The trail crosses Giles Run. On the far side take the trail to the right up the hill.
  15. At the top of the hill stay between the 2 white lines to pass through a vehicle barrier.
  16. The walk ends back at the parking area.

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