For the location of the parking area for this walk click here for a link to Google Maps.

This section of the CCT is started from Hunters Station Road and Leeds Road and adds 0.1 miles in each direction of travel. The actual round trip distance travel on the CCT will be 2.1 miles if the access from Leeds Road is not added in. There is parking for a small number of cars at this location.

  1. (South) Walk down the dirt section of Hunters Station Road as it enters Difficult Run Park.
    (North) Walk up hill along the dirt road until you come to the parking area at Leeds Road. This concludes this section of the walk.
  2. (South) The road crosses Difficult Run on a bridge. On the other side of the bridge turn left to join the CCT. The trail goes through a grassy area as it follows Difficult Run upstream.
    (North) The trail passes a fence on the left and comes to a road. This marks the end of this section of the CCT. To return to the starting point turn right and cross the bridge over Difficult Run. To go on to the next section of the CCT continue straight on the CCT on the other side of the access road with Difficult Run on your right and a fence on your left.
  3. (South) The trail enters a wooded area.
    (North) The trail enters a grassy area.
  4. (South) Turn left prior to a boardwalk and cross a narrow creek. The creek is too small to show on the map and should not present a problem.
    (North) The CCT crosses a narrow creek and turns right. The creek may be dry.
  5. (South) (North) The CCT crosses a creek on a bridge. The bridge was built in Feb. 2008.
  6. (South) The CCT becomes separated from Difficult Run by a pasture with a wire fence.
    (North) The CCT leaves the pasture and approaches the side of Difficult Run again.
  7. (South) The CCT passes next to a gravel road leading to Camp Crowell as it intersects with Vale Road. Turn left and walk along Vale Road for a short distance to a crosswalk. Cross to the other side of Vale Road in the crosswalk.
    (North) Turn right to cross Vale Road using the crosswalk. Turn left on the other side and walk for a short distance to the intersection with the gravel road to Camp Crowell. Turn right on the dirt trail next to the gravel road and follow it along the side of a pasture with a wire fence.
  8. (South) Turn left to follow the asphalt trail along the side of Vale Road with Vale Road on the left.
    (North) The asphalt trail intersects with Valestra Circle. Turn right to follow the crosswalk across Vale Road.
  9. (South) (North) The trail crosses Difficult Run on the old Vale Road bridge. Vale Road was realigned in this section.
  10. (South) Look for a trail marker with an arrow and a gap in the fence on the right. Turn right onto a dirt trail starting at the gap in the fence. The trail enters the woods. Do not follow the asphalt trail to the end.
    (North) The trail passes through a gap in a fence and intersects with an asphalt trail prior to Vale Road. Turn left and follow the asphalt trail along Vale Road.
  11. (South) (North) The trail is close to Difficult Run for a short distance.
  12. (South) This section of the walk ends at the crossing of Rocky Branch. Cross the creek if you wish to continue on to the next section.
    (North) This section of the walk starts at the Rocky Branch crossing. Take the dirt trail as it follows Difficult Run downstream.


Pictorial Directions

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