Creekside View Lane turns right to reach Pohick Road.  Continue straight on the sidewalk.


The sidewalk and Creekside View Lane meet. Continue straight on the sidewalk as it follows Creekside View Lane.


The sidewalk intersects with Pohick Creek View.  Turn right and cross Pohick Road in the crosswalk.


After crossing Pohick Road turn left to follow the sidewalk along that road.


Turn right and follow the asphalt trail along Pohick Rd.


Follow the asphalt trail to the crosswalk leading to Pohick Creek View. Cross Pohick Road using the crosswalk.


After crossing the bridge over Pohick Creek you have completed this section of the walk and can retrace your steps. To continue on the CCT turn 180 degrees at the end of the fence and follow the dirt trail down the hill to the asphalt trail along Pohick Creek.


The previous section of the CCT climbs the hill from Pohick Creek and turns 180 degrees to follow the asphalt trail along the bridge over the creek. Continue on the asphalt trail with Pohick Rd. on your left.


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