Cross Rt. 123 at the walk light. Then turn right to cross Jermantown Rd. Turn left to follow the asphalt trail on Jermantown Rd.


Turn right at Rt. 123 to cross Jermantown Rd. Then turn left to cross Rt. 123 using the Walk light.


The CCT takes the wide asphalt trail after passing Elmendorf Dr. Turn right if you wish to continue on the next section. Go straight if you wish to only walk this section.


The wide asphalt trail on the left is the previous section of the CCT. Continue straight on the asphalt trail along Jermantown Rd. Walkers from the prior section of the CCT should turn left to follow Jermantown Rd. if they wish to continue on this section.


This section of the walk ends at the entrance to Oak Marr RECenter.


People starting from the Oak Marr RECenter should turn left onto the asphalt trail along Jermantown Rd.



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