The trail crosses a second appearance of Stream Way. Turn left on the sidewalk on the other side to walk a short distance to the Fairfax County Parkway.


Cross Stream Way to access the asphalt trail along the telephone poles on the other side.


Turn right to follow the asphalt trail along the Fairfax County Parkway.


Turn left at the first intersection and follow the sidewalk to a point opposite the asphalt trail on the other side of that road.


Take the trail to the first intersection (Whitlers Creek Dr). This marks the end of this section of the trail.


The walk starts from the northeast corner of Whitlers Creek Dr. and the Fairfax County Parkway. Follow the asphalt trail east along the Parkway.


To continue on to the next section of the trail cross the Fairfax County Parkway in the crosswalk. There is a walk light here.


Walkers from a previous section of the CCT should cross the Fairfax County Parkway in the crosswalk at the intersection with Whitlers Creek Dr. Turn right onto the trail on the other side.


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