The walk starts at the picnic area in North Hills Park which is on North Village Road about 2 blocks north of Center Harbor Road. Parking is available at the site.

The majority of the pictures were taken in August. Some pictures were taken in November to show off some of the foliage changing color.

  1. The walk starts at the picnic pavilion at North Hills Park. Follow the asphalt path across North Village Road at the stop sign.
  2. Turn left onto the wide asphalt path on the east side of North Village Road. Stay on the wide asphalt path and do not turn right onto the narrow asphalt paths.
  3. Turn left to continue following North Village Road at the point where a wide asphalt path appears from the right.
  4. Turn right onto the next path just prior to a creek crossing. The path follows the creek.
  5. These wildflowers appear along the creek just prior to Wiehle Ave. There is a small yellow bird perched on the flowers but it appears invisible in the picture.
  6. The trail follows the creek bed under Wiehle Ave.
  7. Turn left onto the connecting ramp after going under Wiehle Ave.
  8. Follow the trail in the same direction as the ramp along Wiehle Ave. until the next intersection.
  9. Turn right onto the sidewalk at the next intersection which is Weatherstone Ct.
  10. Follow the sidewalk until the play area is reached. Turn right onto the wide asphalt trail just past the play area and proceed down the hill.
  11. You have arrived at Bright Pond. You can walk around the pond as in step 12 or walk directly across the dam as in step 16.
  12. A natural path has been cleared around part of Bright Pond and connects to a return asphalt path on the far side. You might wish to follow this path to get a better view of the pond and the wildflowers. Otherwise, skip to step 16.
  13. These wildflowers at the start of the natural path were blooming in August.
  14. This is a close up of asters at Bright Pond.
  15. The natural path joins an asphalt path at the far side of the pond. Return on the asphalt path. Go to step 17.
  16. The asphalt path crosses the dam at Bright Pond.
  17. Take the continuation of the path that crosses the dam. It will take you between the houses.
  18. The path intersects with Bright Pond Road. Turn right and follow the sidewalk along the road.
  19. Follow the asphalt trail along the private drive at the end of Bright Pond Road.
  20. The trail turns to the right and cuts back up the hill. It then crosses another dam which is not in use.
  21. Turn left onto the asphalt trail at the end of the dam and head towards the woods. There should be houses on your right.
  22. The path curves through the woods with a creek on the left. Notice the beaver fence to the left of the path.
  23. The trail curves to the left and heads back up hill. The narrow trail to the right leads to Lamplighter Way. Stay on the wide trail to the left.
  24. The trail crosses Center Harbor Road. Follow the asphalt trail to the right.
  25. The trail continues up the hill along the left side of Center Harbor Road. Note the colorful display on the right.
  26. This garden appears on the right just prior to Lamplighter Way.
  27. The trail crosses Wiehle Ave. Continue along Center Harbor Road past Buzz Aldrin School.
  28. This is the view of Center Harbor Road after passing the school.
  29. The path crosses Waterfront Road.
  30. The trail turns right at North Village Road.
  31. Turn right to cross Center Harbor Road on the far side of North Village Road. and follow the asphalt path. The path crosses Olde Tiverton Circle on the left and continues along North Village Rd.
  32. The asphalt path turns left around a circle.
  33. The picnic pavilion indicates you have returned to the starting point at North Hills Park

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