This section illustrates the view of Bethesda Avenue walking east to Wisconsin Avenue. This is a transition from a residential area to the main north - south road in Bethesda.

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Landscaping along Bethesda Avenue's southern side.

This was the view outside a car dealer on the southern side of Bethesda Avenue. The dealer had a huge parking garage.

View of Arlington Rd. looking north.

The buildings along Arlington Road looking north from Bethesda Ave. may be mixed use with retail on the street level.

Dining facilities looking east on Bethesda Ave.

There are numerous outdoor dining tables on Bethesda Ave. between Arlington Rd. and Woodmont Ave. This view looks east. This appears to be a very popular restaurant area.

Dining tables looking west on Bethesda Ave.

This view is of the same area looking west on Bethesda Avenue. It is not quite lunch time yet.

Capital Crescent trail lloking south at Bethesda Ave.

The Capital Crescent Trail crosses Bethesda Avenue at Woodmont Avenue. This is the view looking south. A street car line is planned along this trail going east from Wisconsin Avenue.

This sign is next to the Capital Crescent Park lot.

This sign at the Capital Crescent Trail Parking Lot points out places of interest in Bethesda and indicates the partial route of the Circulator Bus. The lot was full during the lunch hour.

View of the shops next to the Capital Crescent Trail.

This is a view of the northeast corner of Bethesda Avenue and Woodmont Avenue. There is an ice cream parlor (Giffords) here and a movie theater. The Capital Crescent Trail is in the center of the photo and goes under Wisconsin Avenue in the next block.

View of Bethesda Ave. between Woodmont Ave. and Wisconsin Ave.

View of Bethesda Avenue looking towards Wisconsin Avenue. Notice the blue sign pointing out directions to the Metro Station.


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