We are now headed north on Wisconsin Avenue towards the Metro Station. The building heights increase as we approach the station.

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View of Wisconsin Ave. looking north from Elm St.

Notice how the buildings in the distance are taller. This appears to be a hotel district. The pedestrians are waiting for a "Walk" light. The "Walk" light is automatic and is usually the first phase of a green light. There are only a few seconds to start walking and it is necessary to walk quickly before the light changes. Drivers tend to respect pedestrians using the "Walk" light and pedestrains usually move only on the "Walk" light.

Entrance to parking garage on Wisconsin Ave.

This entrance to a parking garage is on Wisconsin Avenue looking south towards Elm St. There is a larger entrance on a side street.



Wisconsin Ave. looking north from Montgomery Lane.

This view of Wisconsin Avenue is from Montgomery Lane. Eastbound traffic from Old Georgetown Road destined for East West Highway utilizes Montgomery Lane to ease congestion at Old Georgetown Road.

The Hyatt Hotel is next to the Metro Station.

The Hyatt Hotel is next to the Metro Station. This provides easy access to downtown Washington for tourists. There are several other hotels in the vicinity.

View of pedestrian bridge over Old Georgetown Road from Wisconsin Ave.

Notice the pedestrian bridge over Old Georgetown Road. The picture was taken from Wisconsin Avenue using a telephoto lens.

The Round House Theater is only one block from the Metro Station.

The Round House Dinner Theater is on East West Highway only one block east of the Metro Station. There is parking nearby.

Lunch next to East West Highway.

These diners are sheltered by the building structure on East West Highway.

View of the Bethesda Metro Staion Plaza

View of the Bethesda Metro Station Plaza. Notice the tall office buildings nearby.

A tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue has an entrance in the building to the right.

The entrance to a tunnel under Wisconsin Avenue is in this building to the right on East West Highway. Notice the Metro sign along the street.

Tunnel to the Metro Station under Wisconsin Ave.

This tunnel provides a connection to the Metro Station and bus terminal under Wisconsin Avenue from East West Highway.

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