The walk starts at the Difficult Run Park parking lot on Georgetown Pike east of Old Dominion Drive. Take the trail on the east side of the parking lot with Georgetown Pike on your left.

  1. After a short distance you will pass an informal path leading to the Old Carriage Road. The path is separated from Georgetown Pike by a guardrail. It is necessary to climb over that guardrail should you wish to use that path. For this walk we will continue straight on the Difficult Run trail as it follows the stream.
  2. The trail goes under a bridge carrying Georgetown Pike over Difficult Run.
  3. After passing under the bridge take any path to the left up a short hill. This will take you to a service road that follows the stream to the Potomac River.
  4. Steps on the right lead down to Difficult Run. Continue straight on the present trail.
  5. A wide trail intercepts from the left. Continue past this trail for the present in order to walk down to the stream connection with the Potomac River.
  6. The trail ends at the Potomac River. After viewing the scenery turn around and retrace your steps back up the hill.
  7. A wide trail intercepts from the right. Turn right and follow the trail for a short distance up the hill.
  8. The trail ends at the Ridge Trail. Turn left to follow this trail.
  9. A picnic table appears on the right overlooking the river. Continue straight on the present trail.
  10. The River Trail intercepts from the right. Continue to the left on the present trail.
  11. A sign indicates a junction with the Old Carriage Road. Turn left to walk down some steps to that road. On the other side climb the path up the hill to continue on the Ridge Trail. The trail to the right provides a grade connection to the Old Carriage Road leading down to the visitor center.
  12. The trail goes down a short hill and a fence can be seen along the right. Turn left at the intersecting trail and follow it down the hill.
  13. This is a view of the informal trail. It is easy to follow and provides a good connection to the Difficult Run parking area.
  14. The trail stops at Georgetown Pike. The parking area is on the other side of the road.


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