West Ox Road (S) Sidewalk from 2712 to 2718 across from Frying Pan Park

610 foot sidewalk.

Provides connectivity - High

Connects existing sidewalks and trails on south side from Fairfax County Parkway to Centreville Road.

Improves Safety - High

Pedestrians must walk in the narrow road with no place to go if vehicle approaches in lane. No shoulder exists.

Provides Access - High

Residents are unable to safely walk to park across the street or to school one block distant.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - Medium

Provides connection to park and improves safety for pedestrians that use this road.

Supported by Community - Medium

One resident at 2718 was thrilled at the prospect of a sidewalk and ability to walk to park. Felt neighbors would also support it.

Is It Feasible To Build - Low

This will be difficult to construct because of landscaping, grading and utillities both above and below ground.

The original plan called for a trail on the north side of West Ox Road next to Frying Pan Park. Such a trail would require extensive alterations to the front of the farm and destroy the character of the park.

Countywide Trails Plan


Property Map 25-1