Bike Trail on utility right of way between Vesper Drive and Route 7

2000 foot trail in utility right of way.

Provides connectivity - High

Connects communities adjacent to Old Courthouse Road with public transportation along Route 7 as well as the shops along that road. For instance a car may be left for service at one of the many dealers along Route 7 and the user can walk back home. Currently residents must walk up the hill on Old Courthouse Road to reach the bus line along Route 123. This will provide much more convenient access to bus routes in Tysons Corner. It will also place the Metro station within walking distance of the community. Although Metro will not be build here for several years a connection to existing transportation would make this connection useful now.

Improves Safety - Low

Most people drive rather than walk the distance via Gosnell Road from the Tysons Green community so safety is not a concern.

Provides Access - High

Provides a convenient connection to the shops at Tysons Corner.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - Low

Supported by Community - Medium

Most residents will be happy to have the access. There may be some opposition from residents of Vesper Drive. Bicyclists will be happy to avoid the hill on Old Courthouse Road.

Is It Feasible To Build - Medium

There will be some wet areas and a stream crossing.

Countywide Trails Plan


Property Map 29-3