Trail on Sunrise Valley Dr. between Hitchcock Rd. and Colts Brook Dr.

930 foot asphalt trail on northern side of Sunrise Valley Dr.

Provides connectivity - High

Connects commercial areas on either side of proposed trail. Provides connection to Herndon-Monroe bus terminal. A goat trail serves pedestrians now. There is a sidewalk on the south side of Sunrise Valley Drive but that road is very busy. There are walk lights at the bus terminal and Monroe St. but pedestrians are not willing to wait for these to cycle.

Workers in the building at Hitchcock Road would have to cross Sunrise Valley Drive at an unprotected intersection to reach the sidewalk on the south side to visit the shopping center during the lunch hour.

Improves Safety - High

Pedestrians are walking the goat trail in the dark. They are also crossing Sunrise Valley Drive in the dark.

Provides Access - High

Provides a convenient connection to the Herndon-Monroe bus terminal

Provides Recreational Opportunities - Low

Supported by Community High

The entire trail will be adjacent to wetlands. No opposition is expected from the wildlife.

Is It Feasible to Build - Medium

The goat trail is flat. There are fiber optic lines in the right of way.

Countywide Trail Plan


Property Map 16-4