Sidewalk on south side of Sunrise Valley Drive from Upper Lake Dr. (west) to South Lakes Dr.

2500 foot sidewalk providing pedestrian access to crossings to Wiehle Ave. Metro Station.

Provides connectivity - High

This sidewalk will provide connectivity from residential streets south of Sunrise Valley Drive to safe crossings over Sunrise Valley Drive to reach the Wiehle Ave. Metro Station.

Improves Safety - High

Residents must cross Sunrise Valley Drive without benefit of crosswalks or traffic signals.

Provides Access - High

This provides access to the Wiehlle Ave. Metro Station.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - Medium

This provides direct connections to Lake Thoreau Pool.

Supported by Community - High

Community is concerned about safe access to Wiehle Avenue Metro Station.

Is It Feasible to Build - Medium

There will probably be a need to relocate some utilities. Location of sidewalk east of Lakeport Way depends upon the need for a right turn lane to be added to Sunrise Valley Drive eastbound prior to South Lakes Drive. A traffic study for this intersection should be done during the evening rush hour prior to sidewalk design.

Countywide Trails Plan

No but part of RMAG plan.

Property Map 26-2, 27-1


Sunrise Valley Dr. from UPper Lakes Dr. to South Lakes Dr.