Sidewalk on south side of Sunrise Valley Drive from Soapstone Dr. to Wiehle Ave.

2190 foot sidewalk providing pedestrian access to crossings to Wiehle Ave. Metro Station.

Provides connectivity - High

This sidewalk will provide connectivity from residential streets south of Sunrise Valley Drive to safe crossings over Sunrise Valley Drive to reach the Wiehle Ave. Metro Station.

Improves Safety - High

Residents must cross Sunrise Valley Drive without benefit of crosswalks or traffic signals.

Provides Access - High

This provides access to the Wiehlle Ave. Metro Station.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - Medium

This provides direct connections to Lake Thoreau Pool.

Supported by Community - High

Community is concerned about safe access to Wiehle Avenue Metro Station.

Is It Feasible to Build - Medium

There will probably be a need to relocate some utilities.

Countywide Trails Plan

No but part of RMAG plan.

Property Map 26-1, 26-2