Asphalt Trail on Old Courthouse Road between Wolf Trails Park and Burlwood Court.

460 foot asphalt trail on north side of Old Courthouse Road.

Provides connectivity - High

Burlwood Court is next to Wolf Trails Park but has no pedestrian access to the park along Old Courthouse Road. The proposed trail would provide a connection to the park. If the Old Courthouse Road proposal 2 is built ti will provide a route between Waverly Park and Wolf Trail Parks and allow access to the parks by nearby residents. It also provides safe connections to Vienna shopping via Foxstone Park and to Wolf Trap Farm Park.

Improves Safety - High

Old Courthouse Road in this section offers no place for pedestrians to move off the road for oncoming vehicles.

Provides Access - High

Provides access to Wolf Trails Park and eventually to Wolf Trap Farm Park.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - High

Connects multiple parks via Old Courthouse Road 2 proposal..

Supported by Community - High

Part of the NOVI trail network requested by the community.

Is It Feasible to Build - High

A retaining wall may needed where there are steep grades next to the road.

Countywide Trails Plan


Property Map 28-4