Sidewalk on Old Courthouse Road between Creek Crossing Road and Country Club Drive.

1200 foot sidewalk on southern side of Old Courthouse Road.

Provides connectivity - High

The sidewalk would provide connectivity to residents of Drewlaine Drive and Hursley Court that have sidewalks that do not connect to other streets. They appear to be using a goat trail to connect to sidewalks along Creek Crossing Road and Old Courthouse Road at Country Club Drive.

Improves Safety - High

There will be no temptation to walk in the street during rainy days.

Provides Access - High

Provides access to a local swim club, church, and other extensive sidewalks in nearby neighborhoods.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - High

Connects to Foxstone Park.

Supported by Community - High

Part of the NOVI trail network requested by the community.

Is It Feasible to Build - High

Construction does not appear to be difficult here.

Countywide Trails Plan


Property Map 28-4