Concrete Sidewalk on Sunrise Valley Dr. between Legacy Cir. and River Birch Rd.

380 foot concrete sidewalk on northeastern side of Sunrise Valley Drive.

Provides connectivity - High

Connects other sidewalks in area. Pedestrians have created a well-worn dirt trail here. All other streets in the area have walkways. This is a high-density area and sidewalk will be well used.

Improves Safety - Medium

Pedestrians can use the adjacent parking lot but not the busy street should they prefer not to use the dirt trail during inclement weather.

Provides Access - Medium

All of the connecting streets have sidewalks. There is a bus stop located in this block.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - Low

No recreational facilities are in the area.

Supported by Community - High

Residents have requested this sidewalk.

Is It Feasible to Build - High

There appear to be few obstacles to construction.

Countywide Trails Plan

No. Planned trail has been built across busy Sunrise Valley Drive.

Property Map 15-4

Sunrise Valley Dr at Legacy Circle