Glade Drive (North) between Middle Creek Lane and Glade Bank Way.

535 foot sidewalk on northern side.

Provides connectivity - High

Connects existing sidewalk and trails on the northern side of Glade Drive. Work is funded to build a sidewalk between Colts Neck Road and Shire Court. This will complete the walkway between Soapstone Drive and Colts Neck Road providing access to the Hunters Woods Shopping Center without having to cross Glade Drive twice. There is a sidewalk on the south side of Glade Drive in this section but pedestrians prefer not to cross the road twice to use it. They currently walk on a goat trail in this block.

Improves Safety - Medium

Pedestrians walk on a dirt trail on the side of the road. They might walk in the road during rain or cross Glade Drive twice to reach their destination.

Provides Access- High

Provides a convenient connection to the Hunters Woods Shopping Center.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - Medium

Provides connection to Restonís trail system.

Supported by Community - High

Numerous requests have been made for this sidewalk.

Is It Feasible To Build - High

There appear to be no major problems for construction.

One of the requests for this sidewalk has come in from a blind person.

Countywide Trails Plan


Property Map 26-3, 26-4