Ashgrove Lane between Batholmew Ct. and Northern Neck Dr.

700 foot asphalt road closed to most traffic.

Provides connectivity - High

This road serves as a trail connecting homes in the Old Courthouse Road area with streets in Tysons Corner and provides a link to a future Metro Station there.

Improves Safety - High

Pedestrians and bicyclists can reach the Tysons area without utilizing busy roads.

Provides Access - High

Provides access to Tysons Corner Metro Station.

Provides Recreational Opportunities - High

A park trail should connect to this road going east along Old Courthouse Spring Creek towards Gosnell Road to provide recreational opportunities for the planned high density housing in Tysons Corner.

Supported by Community High

Documents supporting retention of the roadway:

Tysons Bicycle Plan

McLean Citizens Association Resolution

Is It Feasible to Build - High

Ashgrove Lane is already built but is threatened with removal under the Park Authority general management plan for Ash Grove Historic Site.

James and Marie Teets have a legal agreement for the roadway to be kept open for their use as long as they occupy their property at 1630 Teets Lane. Once they vacate their property the Park Authority plans to remove the road and bridge. We recommend that the general management plan be changed to preserve the road and bridge for access to Tysons Corner under Park Authority maintenance. However, there is no objection to eliminating vehicular access to the roadway.

Countywide Trails Plan


Property Map 28-4


Ashgrove Lane