Streetlighting Planning Activities In Reston

09/01/2000 "The Reston Observer" publishes an article detailing the history of streetlight planning in Reston and gathers opinions from some of the residents of Reston.

09/20/2000 "The Reston Times" reports (page A7) that the Reston 2000 Transportation Implementation Committee met to discuss funding for right and left-hand turn lanes, bus shelters and street lights. The committee is composed of members of LINK, the Reston Citizens Association, Reston Association, and Virginia Department of Transportation. A subcommittee will develop a set of questions to gather meaningful input from the community. There is a problem obtaining funding for Fairfax County, not just Reston.

10/29/2000 "The Reston Connection" reports (page 4) that streetlights and sidewalks will be added to Old Reston Avenue between Sunset Hills Road and Temporary Road in spring of 2001. This work has been sponsored by Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins.

04/02/2001 No reports of any progress in providing streetlights at new locations have been seen in any news publication since last October.